Nix Big Cypress Upper Bayou Property


NIX BIG CYPRESS UPPER BAYOU PROPERTY (20195227) - Located on the south bank of the Big Cypress Bayou in historic Jefferson, Texas, this 157 acre tract of land is rich in history and ecological resources. Prior to 1845 when Jefferson became a busy steamboat port, on this property was located a ferry crossing and an intersection of stagecoach roads. This intersection connected the farms and plantations of north and northeast Texas with a steamboat port at Port Caddo on Caddo Lake. For most of the rest of the 19th century, the roads and ferry crossing were used by thousands of pioneers who sought access to eastern markets through Jefferson. On this property are also ancient, riverbed lakes known as oxbow lakes which were abandoned as main -river channels hundreds of years ago. These cypress covered lakes offer all wildlife a food- rich habitat. With spring floods recharging their waters with fish and nutrients, migrating and domestic birds and waterfowl seek its resources and use it for nesting and rookeries. This tract has a long shore line on Big Cypress Bayou which provides a boat roadway to the internationally famous Caddo Lake. It also has steep hills with sweeping views of the Cypress Valley and of Jefferson. Located on FM Road 134 and FM Road 2208, the property has fiber access for WI FI service, city water, excellent cell service and close accessibility by golf cart to restaurants, bars, coffee shops, lodging, a winery, banking, police protection, healthcare , and all of the other amenities of Jefferson’s busy Historic Riverfront District -.On the property have been constructed bridges, both covered and open, gravel roads, a waterfall, a pier on the bayou and a gazebo on a lake. There are also weirs to control and contain water levels with a pump to supply water in the dry season to the oxbow lakes. This forested property with privacy for people and wildlife offers an opportunity for a conservation development where people and nature happily co-exist. It is listed for $1,574,400. 

Nix Big Cypress Lower Bayou Property


Nix Lower Bayou Tract (20195292) -Located on the south bank of Big Cypress Bayou in historic Jefferson, Texas, this 346 acre tract of land is rich in history and ecological resources. It has approximately one mile of frontage on Big Cypress Bayou, the former, busy 19th Century steamboat route between New Orleans and Jefferson. Today, the Bayou is used by tour boats, ski boats, canoes, kayaks and other watercraft and provides a navigable boat road to the internationally famous Caddo Lake. During and after the Civil War, this property was used first by the Confederate Army then by the U.S. Army with powder magazines and armories to support troop activity both locally and in the trans-Mississippi region. Today, one rare 19th Century two-story powder magazine remains on the property and it has been fully restored.The property has ancient riverbed lakes known as oxbow lakes with large cypress trees and some deep water which offers a refuge for migrating and resident birds and a natural rookery for nesting waterfowl. The property has heavily shaded, dense forests and a large level pasture surrounded by huge pine, oaks and other hardwood trees offering opportunities for equestrian and other sporting activities. On the north bank of the bayou, across from the property, is the busy Historic Riverfront District of Jefferson with numerous restaurants, bars, a winery, coffeeshops, lodging, unique retail shops, healthcare, banking, entertainment venues and shopping. With nearby fiber optic wifi access, excellent cell service, access to City of Jefferson water, and police and fire protection, the property offers a wonderful opportunity for a conservation development with privacy, safety, and convenience in natural setting with outstanding cultural and ecological resources. This property is listed for $2,600,000.00.  


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