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Serving the Cypress Valley Since 1984

Jefferson Realty is a small customer service-oriented real estate agency. Its broker and sales personnel represent either buyers or sellers. It provides weekday and weekend services to those who are interested in buying or selling real estate.      

Jefferson Realty handles the sales of historic homes and buildings in Jefferson and the sales of residential and commercial property, rural timberland, and ranches in Jefferson, the Caddo Lake area and the Lake of the Pines area. Jefferson, Caddo Lake, and Lake of the Pines are located in the lush Cypress Valley of Northeast Texas.    For those who are new to Jefferson and the Cypress Valley, we also provide concierge services to help make your visit to Jefferson informative and enjoyable. For those who seek to acquire property, our services are provided to before, during, and after a real estate closing. There are other real estate brokers who serve Jefferson and the Cypress Valley. Jefferson Realty can serve you as a buyer's agent with respect to properties listed with these brokers.

About Jefferson

Jefferson is the County Seat and the only incorporated town in Marion County, Texas. It is located in the Cypress Valley of Texas which is characterized by rolling hills with pine forests and cypress bayous, oxbow lakes and swamps. It is one of the most beautiful regions in the State of Texas with its unique environment and history. Jefferson was founded in 1841 and named after Thomas Jefferson. Marion County was founded in 1860 and was named after Frances Marion. Jefferson was established as a steamboat port in the New Orleans trade in 1841. From 1845 and throughout the 19th century the steamboats would make trips between New Orleans and Jefferson. Prior to the advent of railroads, cotton and cattle were brought to Jefferson from North Texas for sale for the New Orleans market. The finished products from cotton and beef were shipped downstream by steamboat and the steamboats would return with manufactured goods and passengers who first set foot on Texas soil in Jefferson. These pioneers would board stagecoaches and wagon-trains in Jefferson to continue their journey to settle the land in Texas which was north and west of Jefferson. After a natural log raft was removed from the Red River, navigation to Jefferson became uncertain. With the advent of the railroads, people did not have to ship their products to Jefferson to be sent to market by steamboat. Jefferson was one of the most prominent cities in Texas in the late 1860s and early 1870s. By the late 19th century however, Jefferson became a village and lost most of its market area. Today Jefferson is a tourist destination for many people who want to experience the environmental and cultural resources of Jefferson and the Cypress Valley. Jefferson is a gateway to Caddo Lake and to Lake of the Pines. The people who have invested in Jefferson come from all over the United States so Jefferson has an open, friendly business environment. Many new buildings in Jefferson are constructed in its 19th century style of architecture. Downtown Jefferson becomes the backyard of those who build or buy homes near the Historic Riverfront District downtown. The new urbanism of mixed residences, offices, restaurants and retail businesses is part of the Jefferson lifestyle. Jefferson is a community that welcomes people of different cultural, geographic and business backgrounds. Port Jefferson Abstract and Title Company enjoys serving as a concierge for not only title services but also for information to Jefferson investors and new residents on other services which are available in the region.