About Us

Laurel DeWare, Broker

Laurel is a native of Dallas, Texas. Like most of other Jeffersonians, she has adopted Jefferson and its lifestyle. She is a graduate of the Hockaday School in Dallas and Duke University. She received her Masters in Business Administration from SMU. She has been a real estate broker for over thirty (30) years. She is involved in many community activities in her church, school and in the historic preservation of Jefferson.

Duke DeWare, Attorney

Jesse M. DeWare IV is also known as Duke DeWare. A fifth generation resident of Jefferson, Duke specializes in real estate and commercial law. His wife, Laurel, is a real estate broker and they sell real estate in Jefferson and the Caddo Lake area of East Texas. Duke has been involved in restoration of historic structures, environmental conservation and in innovative education projects.     He is the President of The Jeffersonian Institute, which has focused on environmental education for adults and students with an emphasis on green building, design, construction and retrofitting and the protection on Caddo Lake and the Cypress Valley Watershed.